A modeling tool for multilevel physiological systems


Simulations of PHML models can be done with a simulator
Flint which can automatically parallelize a simulation process using multicore CPU and cluster of computers. Flint can also parse SBML models, and run simulations. Using PhysioDesigner, it is possible to create SBML−PHML hybrid models, which is a distinct function of PhysioDesigner to create a multilevel models. Flint can run simulations of such hybrid models as well.

If models include PDEs, users can perform simulations with
FreeFEM++ by exporting PHML model into FreeFEM++ format.

PhysioDesigner can also export models into C++ or JAVA. Once users compile them, it is possible to execute simulations.


Flint is a simulator of bio-physiological models written in PHML and SBML. It parses those languages, compiles internally and execute simulations. Flint can also interpret PHML-SBML hybridized multilevel models, which can be created on PhysioDesigner.

Flint is necessary for performing simulations of models built on PhysioDesigner.
Don't forget to download Flint. You can download it from
the project site at GitHub.