A modeling tool for multilevel physiological systems

January 2012

Version 1.0 alpha

PhysioDesigner 1.0 alpha

18th January, 2012

Install Note

Mac: Once you mount the disk image file you download, you will find a directory named "PhysioDesigner1.0". Please move the directory anyplace you want to put. That's all for installation.
Note that PhysioDesigner cannot be launched from the mounted volume directory. It is necessary to move somewhere on your local device.

For OSX 10.7: Please specify python 2.6 to use as follows. There is a configure file for PhysioDesigner at
Please set the following line in it.

Win: Please execute the installer by double clicking it. It installs a couple of necessary libraries such as Python, etc.

Simulator Flint 1.0 alpha

Flint can perform simulations of models created on PhysioDesigner.