A modeling tool for multilevel physiological systems

How to install

This document shows how to install PhysioDesigner and Flint.

Install PhysioDesigner

PhysioDesigner and Flint are freely available at Please visit the site and go to Download page.There are packages for Mac OSX 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9, and for Windows. RPM Packages for Linux are also available, but please notice that they are still test version.

In case of OSX, a disk image named like “PhysioDesigner1.0RC1_osx10.9.dmg” will be downloaded.
Double clicking the disk image opens a directory including PhysioDesigner and relevant applications and libraries. Please move the entire directory as it is to a destination where users want to install.
To let the OSX system allow execution of PhysioDesigner, it is necessary to set it at System Preferences properly.
Open Security & Privacy in System Preferences, and tick Anywhere at "Allow apps downloaded from:" section.

In case of Windows, the installer file name is “PhysioDesigner_win.exe”.
Double clicking the installer starts an install wizard. Please follow the instruction. If a previous version of PhysioDesigner is installed already, it must be uninstalled before installing the new one.

Install Flint

Flint is available in the same site. At the “Download” tab, links to download Flint are located at the lower half of the Download page. Clicking one of links matching to the user’s environment starts to download an installer.
In case of OSX, a disk image will be downloaded. For Windows, an MSI installer file will be downloaded.
On OSX, double clicking the downloaded disk image opens a directory including Copy it any place where users want to install.
On Windows, double click the MSI installer starts a wizard to install Flint.